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Curtain call

Dear, dear eSe Teatro supporters:

We cannot express our gratitude enough for your donations. Thank you, Cecilia M and Susan B, for being our last backers, and an infinite GRACIAS to all who helped us prove Seattle has an audience for Latino theatre. We hope to see you at our first mainstage production, Oedipus El Rey, December 6-16 to make you proud! 


With love and appreciation,

eSe Teatro


an associated program of Shunpike-

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In our final hour, we reach out to YOU!!

Last call to be an eSe Teatro God! Support the creative, caged, compassionate part of you by donating to our Kickstarter campaign with 100minutes to go!!


And a huge thank you to those who already have helped us realize our goal of providing a space for innovative Latino theatre in Seattle:

  • Esther M
  • “flatline”
  • Rebecca M
  • Patricia C
  • Celia C
  • Kathleen A
  • Martha B
  • Fredy Z. G.
  • Ana Maria S
  • Nina M
  • Catalina C
  • Elizabeth Z
  • G
  • Bethane S
  • Joanne K
  • Paulina L
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We’re SO close to being funded, thanks to you!

With only 2 days left of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign, we want to thank the most recent donors who have helped us come closer and closer to making our goal a reality!

  • Aletheia V.
  • Chris H.
  • Derrick W. F.
  • AJ P.
  • Laura E.
  • Yetta L.
  • Anna L.
  • Judy dB.
  • Kinan V.
  • Olga S. S.
  • Winston J. R.
  • Fernando M.
  • Javonna
  • Glynis M.
  • Venus BdR
  • Carlo S.
  • Sarah B. M.
  • D’vorah K.
  • Lise S.

Our first mainstage production, Oedipus El Rey, and indeed our overall mission of spreading the presence of Latino voices through Seattle and Pacific NW theatre would be tragically stressed if not for your generous contributions. Muchas gracias!

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Donors: our audience, partners, support system and motivation

Thank you. 

  • Jeff L.
  • Jose G.
  • Sean M.
  • Jen S.A.
  • Rafe P.
  • Lisa L.
  • Diana L.
  • Maria D.
  • Aidan V.
  • Delia C.
  • Heather B.
  • Jim W.
  • Tammy B.
  • Elias M.
  • Justyna Z.
  • Esther C. S.
  • Caridad del Valle
  • Judith A.
  • Miguel G.
  • Rebecca G.
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All the difference

“No skill in the world, nothing human can penetrate the future.” -Jocasta, Oedipus The King

We disagree. YOU, donors, CAN make a difference to the future of eSe Teatro’s production of this classic work. PLEASE help us bring Oedipus el Rey, the edgy twist on fate and free will, to Seattle audiences BY DONATING what you will to our KICKSTARTER campaign♥

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