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Should I Audition for Book-It Generals?

books-and-heart-jpegI’ve never auditioned for Book-It Repertory Theatre before. I suppose, full-disclosure, I haven’t auditioned for many of the longer-term, more established theatres in town (although given the recent (ongoing?) recession, that any were left standing is something of a small miracle). In one respect, I’m fairly lucky to work regularly as an actor without auditioning all that much. But then I often find myself dissatisfied with the projects I’ve been asked to work on. But there is something that keeps me from auditioning for certain theatres in town. It’s not that I don’t want to work for them, but rather something more twisted: if I don’t audition for them, at least I can list THAT as a reason why I’ve never worked for them. That whole fear of failure/success thing. SO not original.

At any rate, I threw my hat in the ring back in 2010 to audition for Book-It and even got a slot, with the instructions for the specifics on how to put together a Book-It audition. I began to wrack my brain for characters in novels that I felt were good parts for me…sometimes a thing that is in contrast to novels I am moved by (I love HORROR and speculative fiction). I sort of half-assedly ordered a new copy (I’d given my first one away to my sister) of Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time-Traveller’s wife, thinking I could find some text from the wife, and also being really excited about getting to do something that was 1.) speculative fiction and 2.)from a book whose ending made me SOB UNCONTROLLABLY on an AIRPLANE.

Buuuut…with one thing and another, I kept putting off crafting the audition piece and time was drawing closer and closer, and then it was the week before the audition and I found myself without a piece, and feeling really intimidated by slapping something lame together at the last minute. I ended up doing the thing we’ve all done before: sending the theatre an email with some carefully-crafted excuse about why I’d be unable to make the audition. I know: this totally sucks and I may have caused someone who was ready a slot. However, I *did* cancel several days ahead of time, long enough for them at least to try and have someone else fill my slot (but now, in hindsight, maybe not with time-enough to prepare a Book-It Style monologue.

In 2011, I was in a short play as part of a female play festival, directed by an extremely well-connected local director, who, in turn, invited some of her colleagues, many of them artistic directors of some of the aforementioned “more established theatre” iMyra_atPianon town. The AD of Book-It was among these directors who came to see the show and afterwards, complimented me on parts of my performance she had enjoyed. On the heels of this, the director of my short play urged me to sign-up for an audition slot at Book-It again, since the AD had seen my work. My heels felt draggy again, but I realized this was an opportunity, so I signed up for a slot…and never heard anything back. I wondered if I had been blacklisted, due to my cancellation in 2010. Oh Well.

In 2012, I was so overwhelmed with other projects that when I saw the notice for Book-It generals come down the pipes, I just shrugged, and told myself “Well, I’m blacklisted there, so probably wouldn’t get a slot anyway”.

Well, now it’s 2013. I’m not sure when Book-It generals are, but I’m thinking probably mid-May or thereabouts. And this year, I have no excuse: for the moment, I’ve got no projects beyond the end of March, and even better: tonight, I’m going to a two-hour workshop hosted by eSe, taught by one of the co-AD’s of Book-It, Myra Platt. Since “knowledge is power”, I hope to figure out how to craft that Book-It audition monologue I’ve been putting off for the past few years, maybe get an audition slot, and this year, finally put my money where my mouth is, as the saying goes.

Anyone want to join me? I think there may be a slot or two left, and still several hours to register online.

eSe Teatro is also offering several other opportunities to learn under the tutelage of local as well as national seasoned theatre artists. Find out more here.


Written by Carolynne Wilcox, PR Coodinator and Company member, eSe Teatro.

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eSe Taller: Auditioning

eSe Taller: Auditioning

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eSe Taller: Theatre Adaptation

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eSe Taller/eSe Workshops Presents: Auditioning Workshop with Valerie Curtis-Newton & Andrew Russell

auditions photoThis workshop, open to both actors and directors, will give participants the opportunity to work and develop audition pieces as well as take part in a forum/practical session about getting into other markets (other cities), including smart ways to present and advocate for yourself as an actor or director.

Workshop will take place on Monday, April 8 and Wednesday, April 10th from 6:30-9:30pm at Washington Hall.Cost is $75 per person; limited spaces available. Please register HERE ASAP, and email if you have additional questions.

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eSe Taller/eSe Workshop:The Art of Performing Text in the Book-It Style by Myra Platt

ImageeSe Teatro presents the first in a series of professional training workshops for theatre artists called: eSe Taller/eSe Workshops.

This eSe Taller/eSe Workshop is geared towards actors and directors, and teaches techniques of performing text written in the 3rd person, delivering narration as dialogue, and finding character action in a literary text.  One of the pillars of the Seattle theatre industry, Myra Platt has used this technique to adapt and direct many novels for the stage for Book-It Repertory Theatre.

Book-It Repertory Theatre has created and refined this unique style of producing theatre, putting books on stage, which has become a Seattle staple.  Book-It has produced more than 90 world-premiere adaptations of literature, including the huge sell-out hit “Cider House Rules. Myra Platt is Founding Co-Artistic Director with Jane Jones since its inception.  

Book-It creates world-premiere adaptations of classic and contemporary literature for the stage, preserving the narrative text as it is spoken, not by a single “narrator” but as dialogue by the characters in the production. This technique was developed over the last 20 years and continues to be developed by Book-It artists led by Founding Co-Artistic Directors, Jane Jones and Myra Platt. Performing books instead of plays allows the Book-It theatre experience to spark the audience’s interest in reading and to challenge the audience to participate by using their imaginations. Book-It’s unique style of acting and adapting books is trademarked, known as the Book-It Style.  All adaptations are copyrighted.

In 2008, The Seattle Times feted Co-Artistic Directors Jane Jones and Myra Platt with an Unsung Heroes and Uncommon Genius award describing Book-It as a “Seattle treasure” and co-Artistic Director, Jane Jones, was honored with a Brava Award from the Women’s University Club of Seattle for her outstanding contributions to the community.

2012 Governor’ s Arts Award-winner and 2010 Mayor’s Arts Award-winner, Book-It Repertory Theatre was founded 24 years ago as an artists’ collective, adapting short stories for performance and touring them throughout the Northwest. Today, with over 90 world-premiere adaptations of full-length novels to its creditmany of which have garnered rave reviews and gone on to subsequent productions all over the countryBook-It is widely respected for the consistent artistic excellence of its work.

Book-It Repertory Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming great literature into great theatre through simple and sensitive production and to inspiring its audiences to read.

Book-It Repertory Theatre’s vision is to be a nationally-known theatre arts center where Book-It’s partnership of theatre, literature and education nourishes literacy and the artistic vitality of our community.

Workshop will be held at Washington Hall (153 14th Ave, Seattle, 98122) on Monday, March 25th, 2013 from 6:30-8:30pm. Limit of 15 participants – $30/each tuition. Please register online HERE.

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 Locals Night! 

eSe Teatro is now accepting submissions of scripts by Seattle-based Latino/Latin American playwrights to be part of Multicultural Playwrights’ Festival ‘Locals Night’ hosted by Hansberry Project at A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle. 

Locals Night, in its third year, is an opportunity for local playwrights to showcase their work at a major regional venue in Seattle this July.


  • All presentations will be music-stand readings lasting 10 min or less.
  • Scripts submitted can be in any stage of development.
  • Playwrights may submit a 10-minute play or an extract of a longer play.
  • At least 2/3 of Locals Night’s audience are English speakers.

We will be showcasing two different playwrights at Locals Night. To submit a script, please send your submission to by Friday, March 1st 2013. If submitting an extract of a longer play, please also include a description of the full script and how the submitted scene fits in the dramatic arch.Selected playwrights will be contacted by May 15th, 2013.

 Full-Length Scripts!

eSe Teatro is now accepting submissions of scripts by Latino/Latin American authors to be developed and presented as part of Multicultural Playwrights’ Festival hosted by Hansberry Project at A Contemporary Theatre in Seattle.

Multicultural Playwrights’ Festival, in its third year, is an opportunity for playwrights to workshop a brand new work-in-progress with actors over a two-week period, which will culminate on a staged reading at a major regional venue in Seattle in July 2013.

Accommodation available for the playwright to come to Seattle for this event, however, we can’t provide transport costs. Out of town playwrights must be available for Skype conferences if unable to travel.


  • The script can be submitted in both English or Spanish and every possible combination of these two languages. Do know that, most of the audience for this festival are English speakers, so arrangements (translation or supertitles) most be made to work with a Spanish text.
  • The script cannot have been produced before.
  • The script can be in any stage of development.
  • The script must be ‘readable’ with a cast of seven actors or less.

To submit a script, please send your submission to by Friday, March 1st 2013. Selec playwright will be contacted by May 15th, 2013.

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