“eSe Teatro” is a collective of professionally trained theatre artists with a vast body of experience among them. It is an open collective that is actively reaching out to encourage other Latino theatre artists to have a sense of home and place. Toward this end “eSe Teatro” produces, presents, creates and generates theatre directed and performed by local Latino artists.

“eSe Teatro” employs Latino actors, directors and writers who have great difficulty competing in mainstream theatre. Lack of employment opportunities and exposure are the main reasons so many Latino theatre artists leave our area. “eSe Teatro” is designed to give Latino theatre artists a space for self-expression, be it a physical space, a space for peer evaluation and support, a space for creativity and development, a space for dialogue with Latino communities or simply a space to have our work honored and validated.

The name “eSe Teatro” is significant as “ese” means  “that” in Spanish, being as well the popular Chicano expression of familiarity in peer groups. Ese also means the letter “S”  as in Spanish and Seattle
eSe Programs
eSe Productions:  Fully produced Bilingual, English, Spanish  and Spanglish- language plays.
eSe  Readings:  eSe Teatro presents staged readings, script-in-hand, of contemporary plays.
eSe Community/ eSe Comunidad: Partnerships with community organizations & services
eSe  Worshops/ eSe  Talleres: Workshops taught by eSe members
eSe  Sólo: One-person shows and plays
eSe Presents:  eSe Teatro hosts artists from Latin America and Latino artists from the U.S
eSa: Women’s performances and performance pieces.
eSe  Music:  musical presentations
eSe  Otro: Alternative theatre and performance art
eSos Kids /eSos NiÑos: Plays/ programs for children


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