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A Chicano high-school student struggles with his cyber-identity as well as his “real” identity living within an a traditional and not-so traditional Mexican family structure.  ”Coco” becomes enveloped in virtual as well as flesh and blood battles bordering on the surreal, waging war with his own demons and cultural icons. A “cyber-nerd” addicted to the Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game called “World of Warcraft”, we see him embark on the confusing process of defining his sexual and Latino identity, amid family and school pressures.  Constantly blogging to the audience, he shares his dilema and feelings to his trusted blogosphere.   Living so close to the Mexican border only serves to magnify his inner border.
Gerald Alejandro Ford portrays all the characters in this one-person “cyber” comedy-drama.  Video and still images projected on stage  illuminate the virtual world of gaming and capture the feel of the Southwest.   An array of poignant characters, ranging from the Mexican and Chicano family members to the over-the-top border patrols, are all personified by a versatile Ford using voice, body and witty dialogue.
In this staged reading performed in Spanish/English, Eugene finds himself falsely imprisoned in a foreign country, surrounded by a language he can’t understand. His search for answers becomes a desperate journey to comprehend beyond language and cultural barriers. Directed by Arlene Martinez

En un país extraño con un idioma que él no entiende, un simple malentendido lleva a la detención de Eugenio. Una búsqueda por respuestas se convierte en un intento desesperado de comprender, a pesar de las barreras de idioma y cultural.


eSe Teatro: Seattle Latinos Take Stage, and The Central Heating Lab at ACT present a staged reading of  Electricidad by Luis Alfaro, directed by Rose Cano, May 20 and 21, 2011 at the Bullitt Cabaret at A Contemporary Theatre (ACT).

A Chicano take on the Greek tragedy Electra, Luís Alfaro’s Electricidad is a brutally modern adaptation of the classic revenge saga set within the gang culture of “el barrio”. Luís Alfaro’s eye-opening rendition situates the iconic characters in the present-day world of the “Cholo” where the South Side Locos are Kings, and Spanglish rules.

About the play

Electricidad is mourning her father’s body in her front yard, much to the dismay of the vecinos (neighbors) and her mother Clemencia, who was rumored to have plotted his murder in order to establish her power in the gang hierarchy.  Clemencia has already banished her son Orestes to Las Vegas to prevent any retaliation. Electricidad defies her mother by her public mourning and calls for her brother Orestes to avenge their Papa’s death.

“El Chisme”, the comical, bilingual chorus, gossips and tries to save their barrio from the inevitable cycle of violence.

Suitable for ages 12+ (subject matter, strong language).  Presented in Spanglish.

As part of our community outreach program, eSe Community/eSe Comunidad, eSe Teatro presented a reading of Electricidad at the South Park Community Center as part of the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, with support from 4Culture and Seattle Parks & Recreation.

Volver, Volver, Volver

eSe Teatro presents a staged reading of “Volver, Volver, Volver” by Leonard Madrid, directed by Michael D. Blum, featuring a traditional Dia de los Muertos altar and music by Consejo Counseling and Referral Services. Presented in English and peppered with Spanish.

November 1, 2010
Rainer Valley Cultural Center


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