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GiveBIG to eSe Teatro!

GiveBIG to eSe Teatro!

GiveBIG to eSe Teatro!

Dearest Friends/Queridissimos Amigos,
As you may or may not know, tomorrow, May 15, is a special day: The Seattle Foundation’s annual and amazing GiveBIG fundraiser, designed to inspire generosity and support in the many deserving, unique forces for change (be it artistic, social, political, etc. or all of the above!): Seattle’s non-profit organizations, big and small.
We here at eSe Teatro encourage you, if you are able, to give as much as you can to as many of these deserving organizations as you can! No gift is too small (or too BIG). Non-profits are always in need of goods and services, and even $10 is a great head start towards achieving something that might actively make a difference in someone’s life.
For example, $10 within eSe might buy a child of immigrant parents his a ticket to the a first theatre experience, to see people who look like him or herself telling stories that might be familiar. This might, in turn spark an interest in storytelling, in the arts, in making a difference. $10 within eSe might buy a homeless audience member a small hospitality kit (containing toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap among other things) at a special screening of Rose Cano’s Don Quixote & Sancho Panza: Homeless in Seattle. $10 might buy an hour of rehearsal space towards a performance like Luis Alfaro’s Electricidad or Oedipus El Rey.
If this is what $10 does, imagine what can happen with $25, $100, $1000? In the past, we’ve taken Electricidad to South Park where audiences could most like those portrayed in the production could see it for free; we’ve taken readings of Don Quixote to homeless shelters as well as RN workshops, and we’ve brought notable guest artists to Seattle to both hold workshops and direct productions like Oedipus El Rey.
We hope you will consider giving big tomorrow, to eSe Teatro, and to other organizations that are near and dear to your heart – and maybe take a chance on some you’ve only recently become aware of! A little bit goes a very long way, and you might discover some very significant, personal rewards along the way.
GiveBIG, amigos!!!
eSe Teatro:
Rose Cano (Artistic Director)
Meg Savlov (Outreach Coordinator)
Carolynne Wilcox (PR Coordinator)
Caroline Castro (PR Coordinator)
Jennifer Tee (Volunteer Coordinator)
Mandy Canales (Production Manager)
Learn More HERE.
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eSe Taller Presents: Two Workshops with Daniel Jaquez (INTAR in NYC)

Director’s Lab

Thursday, May 9, 7-10pm
Saturday, May 11, 11am-2pm
Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Cost: $75 (per registered director)

Under the guidance of director/choreographer Daniel Jáquez, emerging and intermediate level directors will have a chance to hone their skills in a safe environment.

Are you tired of waiting for a chance to work on your craft? Are you looking for an forum to show your peers what you are working on? Are there actors in Seattle you have been wanting to work with? Is there a play or performance you have been wanting to delve into? This is an opportunity to work on the staging of a play or scene you have in mind with actors of your choice.
Directors will bring in 5 – 8 minutes of material previously rehearsed. If there is text, actors must be off book. 2 – 3 person scenes maximum. No self-direction.

Design elements must be used including lights and music (during or between scenes). eSe Teatro will provide a CD player, a clip light with a few basic gel colors, chairs and a table. Actors can bring in anything they feel is necessary to tell the story of the scene as they see it.

In this Lab setting renowned director Daniel Jáquez will help you evaluate your work in terms of communication with actors, focus, artistic intent, point of view and other key directorial elements. In that process of working on your feet, changes will be made and incorporated into the work. You might be asked to consider spacing, more interesting staging and other creative and aesthetic solutions. All directors will present their work at least one day. Their actors must be present.
Directors must send the script to Daniel Jaquez via at least one week prior. This gives Daniel a chance to study each director’s script.

Class size: 8 Directors

Please register online for this workshop HERE.
Adaptations – Creating New Work Based on Classics
Friday, May 10, 7-10pm
Saturday, May 11, 4-7pm
Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
Cost: $75

Something Borrowed, Something New–Adaptation is a marriage of ideas with a rebirth of style. Using the classical script as a path, writers, directors and actors will tease out and explore the important issues of a chosen play as a group. Participants will learn the tools for creative analysis and improvisation, freeing themselves to find creative solutions.

“As a class, we will explore the classic “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca. (The play must be read prior to class.) We will begin by digging into the original text, its purpose, structure, ideas, and value in today’s world. We will then reach into our current world and life experiences to come up with parallels that are important to us. Structured improvisations will help to generate dialogue. For the second day of the workshop, participants will write a response (a scene, a monologue)to what was explored. These will be read/ performed in class.
Writers that want to create from improve are strongly encouraged.
This workshop is open to all with the desire to explore and come up with creative solutions. This is not a traditional writing workshop.”

Class size: 8 to 12 participants.

Please register online for this workshop HERE.
About Daniel Jaquez, Workshop Instructor
Daniel Jaquez, Teaching!

Daniel Jaquez, Teaching!

Daniel Jáquez (NYC) directs nationally and is a translator/adapter of classical scripts. His translations include “Fuente Ovejuna” which was produced at Miracle Theatre in Portland, where he is currently directing (and choreographer for) the World Premiere of “Dance For A Dollar”.
Daniel Jáquez is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, and is an Associate Artist at INTAR Theatre, where he is the director of the company Unit 52. He is also an Associate Artist at The Miracle Theatre in Portland, Oregon and at Teatro Vida in Springfield, MA as well as an Advisory Committee member for The Lark’s US/Mexico Playwright Exchange.
From 2003 to 2006 he was Director-Producer of INTAR Theatre’s NewWorks Lab and he is the co-founder of Calpulli Mexican Dance Theatre in Queens, NY and from 2003 to 2011 was its Artistic Director.
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Rehearsal Report #1


L to R: Fernando Cavallo, Maristela Diaz, Carter Rodriguez, Erwin Galan & Javonna Arriaga. Photo by Tess Malone & Gisela Cardenas.

The rehearsal process has been physically intense and rewarding. Having this experience to work with Gisela Cardenas (director) on awaking our impulses as actors has made us explore our potential as an

The relevance of doing a Greek tragedy in today’s reality of gangs and cycles of violence, makes us examen the idea of destiny, fate and free choice in a different light.  Do all civilizations as these questions of themselves when violence erupts?  I am fascinated when theatre puts us face to face with society.  This is the reason we do theatre.

–Rose Cano, Cast: Jocasta in Oedipus El Rey; Artistic Director, eSe Teatro


OEDIPUS EL REY by Luis Alfaro runs Dec 7-16, 2012 with preview showings Dec 5 and 6. Performances at 7:30pm; Sunday matinees at 2pm. Purchase tickets here


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